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From Zero to Chat-GPT (Part 2)

Do you remember how to set up your Replit? Lesson 1: Python Lists and their Use in Neural Networks Hey there, future code wizard! Welcome...

Mojo: The Next Evolution in Python Programming for AI and ML

Mojo is a powerful programming language designed as a superset of Python, with features such as strong type checking, overloaded functions, and stricter function declarations (fn). These enhancements provide more control, predictability, and safety in code, making Mojo particularly suitable for systems programming and AI/ML development. By leveraging Mojo's capabilities, developers can revolutionize their work and improve performance across various applications.

From Zero to Chat-GPT (Part 1)

In this beginner-friendly course, we explore the basics of Python programming and learn how to create a simple digital neuron model. Using variables, expressions, and functions, we build a neuron that combines inputs, weights, and biases to produce an output, which is then transformed by an activation function. This foundational knowledge sets the stage for the next chapter, where we'll connect multiple neurons to create a neural network, ultimately working towards creating our own mini Chat-GPT.


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