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I Built a Trading Bot with ChatGPT


I gave ChatGPT $2000 to invest with and in this video i’ll explain how we built the trading algorithm and what the returns looked like after 24 hours of live trading. First, a disclaimer – Do NOT invest any money in any type of trading bot or algorithmic engine that you are not willing to lose. I gave this trading bot $2000 because I was willing to lose $2000 to make a great video for my AI Wizards out there. ChatGPT is unique in its capabilities as a large language model because of its ability to remember the context of of a conversation. This AI is helping me build MVPs a lot faster and I want us all to take part in this revolution. The tools used in this tutorial are the Alpaca API for live trading data, Python for Programming, FinRL for Deep Reinforcement Learning and Vercel for live deployment. Let me know what you think in the comments and if you want to see more videos like this.


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